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Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by Golden, May 22, 2005.

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    I remember seeing a "code" that was on the price tags in Mexico. The word started with an "H" and the letters were numbered 1-9, I think, indicating the price of that item. Does anyone know it? Thanks!
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    I haven't seen/heard of anyone recently who tried to apply this "knowledge". Shoot, I'm half-convinced it is just some kind of "Cancun legend", but no one has stepped forward and given a definitive on that possibility.
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    I saw some stickers with letters when we were in Cozumel in February, but I couldn't remember what the code was. I am not sure if they were even the letters in the word "hermanitos". Anyway, I will write it in my tour book...if I need it I will have it. Thank you.
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    Here is a post I copied from another board as I remembered seeing it - hope this helps!

    Author: long4cancun (65.112.104.---)
    Date: 01-28-03 11:17

    Supper tip for shopping in some of the markets. You'll notice that many items have tags with what appears to be initials. I have deciphered the code (actually, I spotted a misplaced peice of paper). I know, sneaky and they will probably change it if they read this board.

    The key is: HERMANITOS

    H = 1
    E = 2
    R = 3
    M = 4
    A = 5
    N = 6
    I = 7
    T = 8
    O = 9
    S = 0

    Every time I asked the price of something I was qouted at least 3 times what the code would reflect. So for example, if the code reflected 50 pesos(AS), they would qoute at least 150 pesos. However, I was able to barter them down to the code price(everytime) and on a few occasions slightly lower. Most would not go below the coded price however.

    This is worked at 2 of the little shopping markets. One was the market accross from Tacos y Tequila and the other one was farther up the point of the 7. not too far away. I did see the same tags at Market 23, but it was earlier in the week and I can't recall the prices (too much cerveza) I guess. Trip report coming soon. Sorry Klaw, you didn't see us at the Getaway, but when you read the report you'll know why. :-(
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    Just thought that I'd bump up this great "tip" for those headed to Cancun soon......especially now that the price of things here in the States has skyrocketed.

    Gotta save every penny one can!

  6. angels_among_us

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    thanks Michelle I'll print that out!
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