Pretty Beach Suggestions??

Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by Craig5867, Feb 6, 2007.

  1. R&H in Kelowna

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    it's a short walk along the beach from BBG where the Pirate ships are docked by the bridge, you can catch a small passanger ferry there and then just take a left along the beach at Isla, Stop at Playa Sol for a cold


    say hi to Sergio and keep walking around the corner and you'll find the beach
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    We have been to Playa Del Carmen, and Cozmel...Both have great beaches, another day trip that we have enjoyed in Xcaret, pretty nice beach area, swim with the dolphins, snorkel in the underground river, awesome show at night really good day trip.

    If you just want a really great beach, I would agree with most of the others, it is hard to beat Playa Norte on the island.
  3. Craig5867

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    Ok thanks for the coments and ideas guys. Let me just clarify, the Playa Norte beach is on Isla? And where is Akumal, Xpu-Ha and Tulum and how do you get there (bus I assume) and how long a ride? Thanks for your help again.
  4. Klaw

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    Playa Norte is on Isla Mujeres.

    Akumal, Xpu-Ha and Tulum are south of Playa del Carmen so you would have to take a bus or rent a car to get there.

    Tulum is where the ruins are.
  5. lambert13

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    Akumal is about 1.5 hours
    Tulum beach area about 1.75 hours (the beast beaches are south of the ruins)
    Xpu-Ha is about .75 hours

    There are public busses that go down that way for a reasonable price. Then you would need to get a taxi from the bus station to wherever youre going.

    In my opinion, bussing it would be too much of a hassle. A rental car would be easier, not too expensive (25-50 for one day), and you could explore a little and hit a few beaches.

    All those areas are right along Route 307 which runs down the coast. Its the only highway which makes getting lost very difficult.
  6. Craig5867

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    Once again, thanks Karen and lambert!!
  7. Klaw

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    I really think both of you would enjoy any of those areas, Craig.

    And all those areas are totally doable in a day.
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