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Discussion in 'Living in Cancun' started by johndish, Nov 9, 2008.

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    Did not want to add on to a 7 page thread regarding the election but, will give my two cents worth.

    For those of you living in Cancun you should be glad you could not listen to the am talk radio here which I do when I take long drives. I think the worst was sean hannity or some other nut warning the american people of another Khmer Rouge if Obama were elected. The ultra conservatives were really off the rockers and the words communists and dictator was used more than I could believe.

    I felt the race issue shifted away from the candidates and onto the voters which I was dissapointed with. Conservative voters and probably older american's were surprised (afraid) at the large amount of youth and minorities that voted.

    I am proud of our country for this election and also proud to have voted for Obama. I was convinced our country could not elect a man of color or a woman but, they proved me wrong and proved that we are a little more open than I thought.

    My fear is that Obama is stepping into a pile of crap and I am unconvinced anyone can put a dent in it in four years but, the election has given me hope and has increased my local engagement in the community.
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    Hi, John.

    Good idea! Best we put behind us the 7-page thread!

    I too am proud of the process and the results of the election process--and no chad-hanging cliffhanger either. . I am registered to vote next to you in Polk County and did my civic duty by absentee ballot. Hope you and the family are well.
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    Hear Hear! Well said John!
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