President Trump Signs $2t Covid-19 Relief Bill Into Law

Discussion in 'Free For All' started by Stacia_and_John, Mar 30, 2020.

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    I'm assuming that you meant "funding" in the above where you typed "loan" at the end. Yes, we went through Texan Bank (we should have thought of that first, Yee-Haw!) and in an email chain I had with the V.P./Loan officer (note I HAD a direct contact AT the bank at this, the 2nd bank) wrote me saying that he would probably, 95%, be getting my funding from the 2nd package of funding when it was approved and went live out the door from the Feds. He also stated that they'd exhausted the initial round of the funding to which they had access... so I'm deducing it was the 2nd round, the ~$310 B one.
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