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Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by Golden, Dec 28, 2007.

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    We have been to Cancun several times and have always used Brant's company for our transfers. Things have always went smoothly. This year, we planned a pre-Christmas dive trip to Cozumel. Long story short, we were stranded in Houston for 10 hours....missed one after another flight into Cozumel for varius reasons...bad winds, over-booking, mechanical problems......anyway, we had to fly into Cancun instead. As we were sitting on the plane we started worrying about getting a taxi to PDC since we know the drivers can't wait at the airport. My husband thought of EP and did a live chat on his phone with one of the reps to get a transfer scheduled in a couple of hours. After a cute reply, "Gee Bob, last minute"...LOL....We explained our situation and the arrangements were made. We are forever grateful that something went right after a long, exhausting day.
    Thank you to EP and to CancunCare, which is where I learned of them in the first place. :D
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    That's good to hear.

    EP have consistently recieved rave reviews for years, that's one of the reasons we work with them when offering tours and airport transfers. So, if anyone is thinking about booking tours or transfers then EP is definitely the way to go.

    Here's the link to their site
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