police preying on rental cars

Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by Ron in South Texas, Feb 3, 2008.

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    So, a year ago, in a Zipp rentacar, heading south out of Cancun, I gets stopped....after leaving a stoplight....might have been on Bonampak/or Tulum, not really sure...2 young guys in a gold/tan/ police vehicle....junior jerkwater tells me to "do the right thing, sir..." What really annoyed me..I was not speeding..I know speeding...work for the DMV here in the states...I do drivers tests...and this young man turned my crank...that day...I was wearing a baseball cap with the State Patrol logo from my home state....(DMV and State Patrol are in the same bargaining/union group....) we can buy their hats...!however, mr. cancun junior cop wanted some lunch money....so after some bad translations and some innuendo, I left giving him and his pal 200 pesos.....(@ $15 u.s. at the time) he won that day...but on other web forums, the price has gone up....so be aware...if they wave at you to pull over, from the side of the road...just keep driving!
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