PM Charity Art sale and Bazaar April 7, 2007 for firemen

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    EL MUNDO PARA PUERTO MORELOS (a registered civil society) is hosting a Bazaar on Saturday April 7th to benefit the Fire Service of Puerto Morelos and Cancun. They are in extreme need of uniforms, equipment and training. The recent tragedy at Plaza Las Americas could have been avoided. Local artists have been invited to join us at the bazaar on the 7th to display and sell their work. We are asking for a donation of a minimum 25% of their sales that day to be given to EMPPM. In addition to the arts being sold, there will donated yard-sale types of merchandise as well as food, baked goods, sodas and beer available for purchase. If you are an artist or art holder that would like to participate in this event, please call us as soon as you can to book a space for yourself. We are excited about creating this opportunity for local artists doubling as a community benefit. The bazaar is planned to be held in the Puerto Morelos Park. For details and more information about EL MUNDO PARA PUERTO MORELOS, please visit

    Note that The PM firefighters are all members of the Cancun Firefighters that have been assigned to Puerto Morelos.
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    again...what a cool event....wish I could be there to support!!!!
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