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Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by RiverGirl, Jul 1, 2008.

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    For any of you who don't know, here in Mexico baggers in supermarkets do not get paid!! The only money they make is through the tips that shoppers give them!

    I was just in Walmart behind a group of Americans. They did not tip the bagger (who was a girl of about 12). I felt I had to tip the poor girl double to make up for their mistake...

    Remember to tip your baggers in Mexico!
  2. carrie77

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    Thanks, RG! That's something very needed to know! IDK if you had any in your area of CO but around my town there's a grocery store with baggers. It would be easy for someone like me to assume they get paid, but it still broke my heart to see these little kids bagging at WalMart and Chedraui! How could you not tip them, IMO... Thanks again for pointing this out!
  3. justjimmy

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    Thanks for the heads up. I didn't know. I'll certainly be sure to tip the little ones from now on. BTW. great rafting in CO this year. Unfortunately a few casuties already.

  4. GONZO

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    Tip the older gentlemen too!!
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