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    I went to Home Depot today and saw lots of cars at Plaza las Americas. A quick trip inside revealed that Chedraui is open as is everything from there to Dorians. Going towards Sears from Chedraui, there is a wall blocking entry to this section of the mall. However, stores with entrances from the parking lot, like Mama Roma and Sanborns appear to be open. For some reason I did not take notice of Liverpool. Sears is closed. They simply cannot win.

    Oh yeah, Cinepolis VIP is open but the regular one is behind the wall and therefore closed.

    I think all Plaza las America customers have been flocking to Paseo Cancu as that place is totally packed all the time. And it is about time for some bulk feeding at Sirloin Stockade.

    I am also going to stick this on the Life in Cancun board.
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    I just posted this on the other thread...I have a student who works at Sears, he tells me they are closed for at least ten days for clean up there but as TJ said, parts of the mall are open.
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    I noticed that the headline on Novedades this morning was something close to "Opera sin permiso Plaza Las Americas". So it sounds like they are open without the proper other words everything is normal since we're in Mexico and no one follows the rules anyway!
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    Liverpool is open, from the street entrance.

    Sears is having a big messy sale like after the hurricane.

    It still smells of smoke inside the mall.
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