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Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by NormsKid, Dec 28, 2006.

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    After spending 2 days in Cancun at the Omni, me & Gerald moved south to Playa del Carmen. Took the bus downtown, then switched to a 1st class bus going to Playa. Cost from downtown to Playa was 34pesos. Cheap, direct, no hassle way to go.

    When we got to Playa, I didn't feel like lugging my suitcase all the way up to 25th street, so we paid $3us to catch a taxi. The price sounded pretty steep to me, but I didn't care at that point, I just wanted to get to the hotel.

    We booked the Luna Blue hotel. It's a budget, boutique hotel like tons of others in Playa. The room had a fully stocked kitchen, a large table for 4-6 persons, a sitting area in the window, and 3 beds. No TV, no phone. It was perfect for what we had planned on doing.....relaxing.

    We unpacked an went to find WalMart....there are a ton of signs saying Walmart all over with arrows pointing in one direction or another, but if you follow them, you'll never find the place. We ended up at MEGA, which is actually a good thing cause they had a way better selection of goods to choose from and prices good as well. We stocked up on groceries/booze and went back to the hotel. Finally got to meet the owners...wonderful couple from the USA.

    I cooked that night.....don't recall what tho, it's been to long. Then we went for a stroll down 5th ave. Found a Jazz & Blues bar owned by an American....can't recall his name, but he use to play with Santana. Got the Royal treatment as the place was pretty empty & the live music was great. There was no cover charge so we made this our nightclub spot for the rest of the trip.

    The rest of the week we pretty much just hung out at the beach. Found the beach to be much dirtyer than the beaches in Cancun. Ciggarette butts all over the place. The beach club that we had access to via our hotel had $2us beers so we were able to drink all day without running up a huge tab.

    At the end of the week, Gerald had to head back to work & I stayed another week. So I moved rooms to a much smaller unit....didn't need all that space just for me.

    The next day I caught the bus up to Cancun to meet up with Steve, Jannet, Dani & JohnC. It was great to see them all again. We all went to Carlos & Charlies for dinner and drinks. It was really late by the time we finished so I ended up spending the night.

    The next day, everybody met up again and Jannet fixed us a REALLY good home cooked meal. Jen**** also joined us and it was really good to meet her for the 1st time and have a chat. Oh...almost forgot, whilst picking up JohnC at BBG I got a chance to meet Blondie/Taunya & Mike as well. Unfortunately, they were on the way to meet up with some other friends of theirs so couldn't join us.

    After dinner it was time to head back to Playa. Took the bus back and the ride was uneventful.

    The rest of the week I mostly just hung out at various bars watching sports and meeting new people. Towards the end of my stay I was chatting with one of the waiters in the bar and he asked me if I would like a free week vacation & I thought he was kidding. Then he left and came back with a certificate and said if I sit through a 90 minute presentation, I could have a free week stay for 2007. I jumped on that deal. Went to the presentation, did my 90 minute stint, got up, asked for my certificate, was taken to the office and given my certificate for a free week stay at any of their properties in either Playa or Cancun.

    So I'll be returning to Cancun to stay at the Royal Sunset either this May or June! (I didn't like their Playa resort, it was too far from 5th avenue.)

    Trip home sucked. The flight segment from Ft. Lauderdale to Chicago kept getting delayed, every hour on the hour and I ended up missing my flight Las Vegas to go to a seminar. I don't think I'll fly spirit air anymore unless it's one of those $1 flights...just was horrible service on the return and very unprofessional handling of the customers. We waited over 4 hours an were given no food, no water, no nothing! I really felt for the families with kids, they really suffered.

    Anyway...that's all folks!
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    Oh....I forgot, I finally got a chance to meet Janie! She had a had time finding the hotel cause NOBODY in Playa seems to be familiar with it. But it was good to finially meet her after all these years chatting on the messege board.

    Maybe next trip our dates will work out a bit better and we can actually sit down an have dinner and drinks, rather than just a short chat. Janie, I don't think your a stalker for hunting me down. I knew you and Norb were in the area and might be able to swing by. :D

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    :lol: :lol: :lol:

    We walked down 5th Avenue looking in every bar,
    hoping to catch you watching da Bears game!

    Will definitely meet up with you on another trip! :cool:
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    wow, a perfect vacation...a week with your man...and a week by yourself!!!

    Glad to see that you got to meet a lot people from the board...I thought it was really neat to finally meet Steve and Jannet when I went down once.
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    Nice reports Michelle! Sounds like a good trip.

    I remember when I met a load of people off here at BBG, it was like seeing avatars walking about!
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    A free week?!

    Wow - that beats the usual ''rhum bottle and a blanket'' they sometimes offer for such presentations!

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