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Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by bruuen, Jun 11, 2007.

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    after a long delay, i'm excited to be back on this forum, because that means its vacation time :lol: After doing cancun twice (stayed at the riu cancun both times and highly recommended) I decided to try some variety and try my next stay at the Royal Playa del Carmen which looks breath taking!

    For a first timer in Playa del Carmen, what can i expect in terms of the livelyness at night as compared to cancun. Also, are there any clubs that play primarily dance music? (ie. house/trance) And of course, i'm open to helpful tips from previous travellors!


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    Just my opinion but I find that any time I have been in PDC the night life atmosphere is way different from Cancun. But then I"m a bit older than when I first started going to Cancun, so maybe I'm just mellowing out. Here is some info I found at another site (s).



    Bali -
    La Taberna - Corner of Calle4 & 10th Avenue
    Tequila Barrel - 5th Avenue between Calle10 & Calle12
    Ula Gula - Corner of 5th Avenue & Calle10
    La Ranita - Calle10 between 5th & 10th Avenue
    Faces - 5th Avenue between Calle6 & Calle8
    Las Tequilaria - 5th Avenue between Calle4 & Calle6
    Manne's Beergarten - Calle4 between 10th & 15th Avenue
    Senor Froggs - at the base of the Ferry Dock

    Apasionado - Corner of 5th Avenue & Calle14
    Glass Bar - Corner of 5th Avenue & Calle12
    Fly Bar - Corner of 5th Avenue & Calle12
    Deseo - 5th Avenue between Calle10 & Calle12
    Alux Cave - On Juarez Avenue, 3 blocks west of Highway-307

    Music & Entertainment Bars
    Karen's Pizza - 5th Avenue between Calle2 & Call4
    Pez Vela - 5th Avenue between Call2 & Calle4
    Bourbon Street - 5th Avenue between Calle4 & Calle6
    Apasionado - Corner of 5th Avenue & Calle14
    La Cantinita del Medio - Near 5th Avenue & Calle26

    Discos/After Hours
    Blue Parrot (Dragon Bar) - Calle12 at the beach
    Kuba - Calle4 at the beach (next to Capitan Tutix)
    Playa69 - 5th Avenue between Calle4 & Calle6
    Mambo Cafe - Calle6 between 5th & 10th Avenue
    Calypso - Calle6 between 10th & 15th Avenue
    Ceilito Lindo - Juarez Avenue between 20th & 25th Avenue
    Rhumba Club - Juarez Avenue between 35th & 40th Avenue (behind Dominos)
    Alux Cave - On Juarez Avenue, 5 blocks west of Highway-307


    Blue Parrot - The Blue Parrot is a lively outdoor club/bar with BBQ and lots of action. This club goes after hours and has theme nights as well. If you walk out to the beach to smoke a joint beware, big brother is watching you.

    Kuba Some nights it is a haven to relax in .

    Playa69 - The only gay bar on 5th is casual with friendly bartenders who can fill you in on the local scene. Located on the west side of 5th. Look for the sign.

    Mambo Cafe - If you like Cuban music in a tropical vacation destination then you will love this place. Balloons, foam etc…!

    Calypso - Great place to listen and dance to salsa bands on weekends. Located on the second floor on the south side of Calle6.

    Rhumba Club - A salsa club located on the second floor of a shopping complex, behind the Domino's Pizza on Juarez Avenue. Lots of tourists go here.

    Alux Cave - This is a good place to go to eat dinner and have a few drinks before heading back to the strip. The club is inside a cave. Located about 5 blocks across the highway on your left on Juarez. It opens at 7:00, the music gets going at 9:00.
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    Excellent info cat!!!!
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    thanks for the info!!!

    i'd love to be able to find some more spefic details on those 'afterhours' clubs as the music they play and some pics...
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