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    DAY 7 ~ WEDNESDAY ~ :cool:

    Woke up at 6:15, but Norb looked at his watch and thought it was 7:15, so we got ready for the day.

    Don't you just hate when that happens?!?!

    There was no clock in our room at the Ambiance, so I believed Norb ...
    always a mistake! :bash:

    Well, thank goodness Starbucks opens early.

    We walked to Plaza Caracol, and had a breakfast panini and coffee.

    Later we decided to take the bus to La Isla Mall.

    The fountain at the mall ...


    Here's a teacher with her class walking through the mall ...


    Walked around the mall for a while, and then I remembered the post that Kelly
    made about the restaurant at the aquarium, and how she took Max there for lunch.

    So, we went upstairs, got a seat at the window, and ordered drinks ...


    We watched the dolphins ...


    The people standing on the side of the tank were participating in "Trainer for a Day".

    Now I am morally opposed to paying to swim with the dolphins, but I will watch for free! :lol:

    We ordered chicken and cheese quesadilla's, they were tasty! ...


    It was very enjoyable to sit there and eat lunch and watch the dolphins ...

    (thanks for the great idea, Kelly!)


    Got the bus back to the hotel, and headed outside ...


    Another sunny and hot day in Cancun! :sunny:

    Looking toward the lunch and dinner restaurant on the beach ...


    Again, the hotel seemed deserted!


    In my opinion, the beach at the Ambiance is the best in Cancun.

    There are no rocks, no shells, no drop offs, just beautiful, powdered, white sand.

    We stayed out all afternoon, soaking in the last of the sun, because we have to go home tomorrow. :(

    Finally, went in to shower and dress ... we had another dinner engagement tonight.

    Got the bus to Kulkukan Plaza to look around.

    Beautiful mall with lots of expensive $$$ stores.

    There was a very interesting tequila store ...


    We took a peak in Chocolate City, the candy case looked scrumptious.

    I bought myself a purse, and I bought Sheila a Christmas gift,
    (I can't tell you what, because she may be reading).

    At 6 p.m. we got the bus to The Captain's Cove for dinner.

    Like I said in my previous report, we have met many wonderful people on the Cancun message boards, and then we were lucky enough to meet these people in Cancun.

    One of my favorites is Jodi from Minnie Soda. :lotsoflove:

    Jodi and I became cyber friends years ago, and we've met in Cancun before.

    We share a love of Cancun, and we also share a birthday, December 18th.

    So, in my suitcase I packed birthday hats for Jodi and me to wear at dinner.

    Actually, they were crowns with the words "Birthday Princess", because, of course, that's what we are! :thumbsup:

    Yes, I know it was a few weeks early, but we like to celebrate our birthdays a long time, not just one day.

    I was so happy that my dear friend, Jodi, was going to be at the Omni when Norb and I were in Cancun.

    Another cyber friend ...

    For years I have read trip reports and posts from Greg in New Smyrna Beach, Florida.

    I have admired his photographic skills, and I've always LOVED his humor.

    When I found out that Greg was going to be at the Fiesta Americana Coral Beach at the same time we were going to be in Cancun, I was so excited!

    Finally, a chance to meet him!

    I emailed him and asked if he wanted to meet us for dinner, and he said yes.

    Now, it's a party! :party:

    Norb and I arrived at the Captain's Cove, and soon after Jodi and her friend, Jodi, arrived, then Greg.

    Norb and I were so happy to see Jodi One and Jodi Two again, and we were thrilled to finally meet Greg!

    Jodi had a funny birthday card for me, and then I gave her the birthday hat.

    She loved it! :D

    We wore our crowns proudly! ...


    We ordered drinks, and for dinner Norb had shrimp ...


    And I had crab cakes ...


    Our dinners were delish! :D

    We had such a great time, talking and joking.

    Here's the lovely Jodi One, the lovely Greg and the lovely Jodi Two ...


    Someone was jealous that it wasn't HIS birthday, so I had to let him wear the crown for a while ... :roll:


    Later, we ordered Spanish coffee, and it actually had some booze in it! ... :D


    It was soooo good to see Jodi again, and her friend, Jodi, too!

    And we were soooo happy to meet Greg! He's soooo much fun! :D

    After a wonderful evening, Norb, Greg and I said goodbye to the two Jodi's ... kiss, kiss, hug, hug ...
    hope to see you soon!

    Then the three of us got the bus.

    I think Greg was going out to party, but Norb and I reluctantly went back to our hotel.

    Another great evening with people we love! :lotsoflove:

    We stopped at the desk to ask for the dreaded wake up call, and

    then I realized we were going home,

    and I cried :cry: :cry: :cry:

    TOMORROW ... NO, DON'T MAKE ME GO! :bawl:

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    Great pics, once again Janie !!

    Cute photo of you and Jodi.

    Greg looks really good, and slim.

    Didn't know there was a restaurant at the Aquarium. Will keep
    that in mind for a future trip.

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    Once again a great job Janie!!
  4. apple

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    great job janie!

    i agree with you, i am morally opposed to swiming with dolphins, but i would watch..

    we saw the doplphins at sigfried and roys secret garden in vegas and they dont do shows there which is what i like too..but i got some great piccies


    they are dead cute...

    i am sad that your trip report is coming to an time please book two weeks so we can see more and read more ~thank you :D
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    Miss Apple, love your dolphin pic! :D
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    You're trip seemed short even to me, its the great write up that makes it go by so fast :D.
    I agree as do most locals that the beach at the Ambiance, Oasis,Presidente and Las Olas, is the best in Cancun.
  7. Michael F.

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    good job, janie!
  8. CancunCanuck

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    Great report Janie (as always), so glad you enjoyed Jugo de Limon! :D

    And yes, Ambiance Villas probably has THE best beach in town, we snuck back there a couple of weeks ago and were thrilled.
  9. DConCT

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    connecticut, usa
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    excellence as always.

    as sad as I am to see day 7 complete...
    it just means we're that much closer to your next one :D

    Shakespeare cleans your floors, Melville is your butler, and Robert Frost followed you down the Road Less Traveled :cool: :lol:

    We all just took another trip to Mexico
    And that has made all the difference
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    very nice Janie! yes, i agree with marissa... 2 weeks next time!
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