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Discussion in 'Living in Cancun' started by r&k in MN, Jan 7, 2007.

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    Hi Everyone,

    Can anyone tell me where to find Pina Loca lollipops in Cancun :?: :?:

    I've been told that Wal-Mart doesn't carry them and our kids (okay, and us) have become practically addicted to them. They are basically a pineapple lollipop filled with chili spices and are great!

    They are called Paleta de caramelo macizo acidulado, rellena con chile in Spanish.

    If we are able to bring them to the kids when we come home, this is what they will do :lotsofmichaelf:


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    I don't know about that specific brand, but there are candies like that everywhere! Lucas is a popular brand, solid candy that you dip in the chile powder. I'll look around for the pina one.
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