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    As I read it the immigration laws here permit a spouse/partner/child/parent/brother/sister of a permanent resident to obtain permanent residency on the basis of "family" connection. This would seem to present advantages for two people- for example, husband and wife- when one of them did not have sufficient income or other resources to qualify on the basis of financial sufficiency, but one did.

    To proceed on this basis only the person in the best financial position to qualify would apply for P.R. The other person would apply later, in Mexico, for a change of status to permanent resident, based on the family connection and not on their own financial sufficiency because, in this change of status process, there is no formal requirement for proof of financial sufficiency.

    For those who would like to look closer at the requirements, to see if I'm missing something,

    Have any of the readers had occasion to use this approach to getting permanent residency?
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