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    When tourists enter Mexico, visa free (for example, Canadians), they are ordinarily given an entry permit (FMM) good for 180 days. Just occasionally, it seems, the immigration officer notes some other amount of time, as happened to someone I know, recently.

    This person flew in on a return ticket with a departure date 178 days from the date of arrival; however, for reasons unknown the immigration officer wrote "14" in the blank for the days of authorized stay. She didn't notice this until much later (but well within the 180 days normally given) and now is alarmed about losing the value of her trip by having to return ahead of time.

    Anybody had this happen to them? With what result?
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    Tourist Visa


    If your tourist visa was issued for less than 180 days, you might be able to have it extended at the nearest Immigration office (there might be some fees applicable).

    But if your tourist visa was issued for 180 days, no visa extension will be granted by Mexican authorities.

    This is the adress that I have on file for the immigration office in Cancun:

    Ave. Nader - corner Ave. Uxmal; Downtown Cancun
    Open: Mon-Fri 9am-12pm

    Good Luck,
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