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Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by cece4330, May 20, 2015.

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    I am in need of a bit of quick advice...

    I am well traveled to PDC, but not Cancun. Have narrowed it down to the Paradisus in Cancun due to the beach and room amenities, but have a few questions that will really help. I am used to booking at a resort that has one level of service - getting a room and hitting the beach so having all of the - do we need the upgrade service or not questions is becoming a bit daunting.

    1) Kid friendly or not? Reviews say yes, but can't find alot about the kids club
    2) Do we need the family concierge upgrade? Is it worth the extra?
    3) Absolutely need adjoining rooms (worst case a separate bedroom) and we have that, but is the ocean view worth the extra?
    4) Does it REALLY matter which Pyramid you are in?
    5) If we don't upgrade to Concierge - can we will still get chair and palapas?
    I don't care about Bali beds - it just seems like the palapas are not as populated as the IB resorts and others.
    6) Must go into PDC to shop - so guessing a cab is my option - if someone has a driver or a cabby preference - I am welcoming using notable people.

    ANY advice on this hotel with kiddos (6 and 13) are welcomed :)

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