Our August 17-24 Trip Report

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    This was our second trip to Temptation, both in the third week of August (2018,2019). The repeat trip was great, we started out knowing the ropes a bit better. We set ourselves up in a daily cycle of party hard, then rest...

    Arrival and transfers - We flew in on an overnight connector, and arrived around 10:30. We took USA Transfers, which again was flawless. Highly recommend them.

    People - This is the main reason to go here. Cool people looking to have fun. Most people are just there to let loose, have fun, and maybe push their boundaries a bit. We met so many cool people in our first few days, that it was a little depressing when they started filtering back to the everyday lives late in the week.

    The crowd is really different between Thursday-Saturday and the rest of the week. The weekends seem to get a lot of younger groups come in. We found that they stick together more; takes them a bit of time to get going. More guys groups as well, but we never saw any issues.

    I feel I need to bring up the obligatory don’t worry about the lifestyle people. It’s not our thing, but we met a few who’s it is. We did get approached but a polite no, and it’s no big deal. We continued to party with them through the week.

    Check-in and Time share - Check-in went smooth, a firm we did the presentation last year (we didn’t...) and aren’t interested and the Time Share girl left us alone. We had to change from the flight... and they directed us to the lobby bathrooms, a bit odd.

    Ended up in 5208 in the tower. A little bit more noise from Bash, but nothing to bad. Great views...

    Food - We’re not foodies. We enjoyed each of the restaurants. The rooftop is great for lunch, and lives up to its reputation. We did get to try out She, a friend set it up for us. It was a set menu, the portions are small. We grabbed a late afternoon snack so we were good, but we had some friends go and I found the at the buffet after.

    Don’t know if I missed it last year... but they had food carts at the sexy pool in the late afternoon. It was great to have a bit of food to keep going. It did go pretty quick, so you have to keep an eye out for it!

    They’re pretty firm in men wearing pants to the restaurants. But I did get away with sandals a few times.

    Pools: We hung out at the sexy pool each day... actually we didn’t spend any time quiet pool or the rooftop. Both were just dead quiet, which I suppose is the point.

    They had volleyball in the sexy pool. Some days it got a little too serious. The games were fun to watch, the playmakers do their best. We ended up playing Sexy Jenga which was fun and of course you’re not really throwing yourself in front of the crowd either.

    Evening parties - We attended every night for a bit. Participate in the themes and dance a bit! DJ’s were better, still had a few staples that they must be required to play each night.

    This year was cool as the parties moved around a bit. The white party was held on the rooftop, which is pretty cool. It’s a nice place to hang out at in the evening.

    We were driven inside by rain on Tuesday to the sports bar. If Bash is loud, then the sports bar was completely deafening. It’s a much smaller space, elbow to elbow for a bit.

    Boobs Cruise - This was a favorite part of our first trip, and it did not disappoint this time. In fact we ended up on two! If you like to drink and party... and are okay with seeing things... then you should go.

    One thing we learned is it’s totally dependent on who’s there not necessarily how many people are there. Our first cruise was wild, and probably only had 30-40 people total. Hands down our favorite of three cruises. The second had way more people, was on the bigger boat. It was still an absolute blast, but I preferred the first by far.

    Rain Day - Man did it rain. Started late afternoon on Tuesday and rained until the early morning. We stayed in the pool until there was a bit of lightening. As mentioned they moved the party, and there was enough sheltered spaces you could keep our of it. But water everywhere, and leaking... next day they were out repairing all the issues.

    Our Scuba Adventure - We went offsite on Wednesday to do a two tank dive. The dive provider was a short walk away, very handy. We had set this up prior to arriving. Saw some very cool things, and we were only off resort for about 4 hours. It was a nice break.

    Already a bit long... so I’ll stop. We had so much fun at the resort. Already talking about a 2020 trip... maybe March for a change!
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    Thanks for your review.
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    We totally agree with the crowd type. We stayed a Thurs --Thurs. When Monday and tues rolled around, the crowd seemed as if it got super dull and shy even. Wed picked up and upon leaving Thurs...we saw a "fun" crowd re-appear. We had the best luck with couples, singles and super fun people Fri-Sun. I mean....its Temptation...its always good but those demographics switch up some early week.
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    Great report. Thanks for posting.

    Interesting observation about you enjoying the first (smaller group and boat) Boobs Cruise more.

    Actual numbers were 36 for your first one, and 66 for the second one. Goes to show, it doesn't have to be huge group for it to be fun

    Glad you enjoyed your trip!
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    Awesome report,
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