Opening night, 16 March!

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    Well, next Friday, 16 March at 8 PM, our very own champions of the Mexican League "Los Tigres" baseball team will take to the field to start a new season.

    The game will start at 8 PM, if past practice is any guide. These games are a very inexpensive and enjoyable way to spend an evening while in Cancun and see what the "real" people do for fun.

    Tickets are cheap, as little as 20 pesos for the outfield: we like to take the 90 peso seats behind the Tigres' dugout, at third base.

    Last year was an amazing season, and ended with a nail biter final series against the team from Mexico City. This year should be just as good!

    For more details, see- :.TIGRES DE QUINTANAROO.:
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