Omni Vs Fiesta Americana Condesa

Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by amb1s1, Apr 16, 2007.

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    Hi, I'm undecided to which hotel to choose my finals two chooses are Omni and the Fiesta Americana Condesa. I would like to get some help. Which has better pools and the best value. Take in consideration that I can get the Omni 150 dollars cheaper than the Fiesta. Thanks for your time.
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    Id hit up the omni, very nice place, gorgeous beach!
  3. 212eric

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    The FA Condesa is a higher end resort for sure. If the $150 dollars you mention is for a week's stay then it is a no brainer, FA Condesa. However, if the $150 you are talking about is per night then I would stear toward the Omni, which is a very good moderately priced resort.

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    Every site that I go they have a 25% off on food and drinks and I would like to if this is somethis that it is offer for everyone or for certain offer. I'm asking this because I hear in one this post that we only need to go to the front-desk and ask for one.
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