**OFFICIAL MEET UP at THE OASIS!! March 13th at 1pm**

Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by EngineerGuy, Feb 13, 2008.

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    Hey Steve was great to see you again. Everyone took off to the Booze Cruise and I stayed at the hotel drinking and meeting more people there. I flooded my room this night when I passed out in my shower (Apparently the tub had a draining problem so it was holding water.) I woke up w/ a pretty big gash above my eyebrow (I'll have pic up soon) and don't remember how it happened. Maybe I fell in the shower? Ah well all in a days work. But I was sicker than a dog on Friday and spent most of the day in my room and didn't go out Last night. I was 3 hours early to the airport and due to delays I didn't get back till almost 4pm. So I was at the airport in Cancun at like 5 am then at houston airport for about 4-5 hours before finally flying back to dallas at about 3:30pm couldn't get anyone to pick me up so had to take a cab home after about 45 min of attempting to arrange pick up from friend/family to no avail.

    Now I need to get some rest.... ttyl
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    Good to meet you again too. Sounds like a nightmare journey home. Get some rest and recovery in!
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