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    To avoid any confusion, I have edited this first post on the thread to post the March 18th version of the theme nights schedule, which should be about as final as it gets.

    The themes in red are the resort's theme nights. All other themes are ones chosen by Cancuncare members.

    Every Thursday we will be taking a photo in a Sexy Pool hot tub at 2 pm to see which week can get the most people in the tub, and if we can whump the butts of the Mayhem crew! Not a recommended activity for people who cherish their personal space. Hot tub photo to be followed by Harlem Shake (if we can get the right music cued up).

    Please post your birthdays/anniversaries on this thread if they are in April, and I will add them to the schedule so we'll all remember to harass & embarrass you on your special day! ;)

    Monday 1st ---------- Ladies White Shirt Night - Coco Bongo
    Tuesday 2nd -------- 911/Rescuers Theme
    Wednesday 3rd ---- Schoolgirl/Kilt Night + Boobs Cruise
    Thursday 4th -------- lingerie Night - Stack the Hot Tub Challenge @ 2 pm + Harlem Shake
    Friday 5th ------------ White Night + Glow Night - Jim & Teresa's anniversary

    Saturday 6th -------- Red Night
    Sunday 7th ---------- Cancuncare Wear Orange Night
    Monday 8th ---------- Ladies White Shirt Night + Boobs Cruise - Coco Bongo - Mike & Dorothy's 24th anniversary
    Tuesday 9th --------- 911/Rescuers Theme
    Wednesday 10th -- Schoolgirl/Kilt Night- Ms. Kaptrvl's birthday
    Thursday 11th ------ lingerie Night - Stack the Hot Tub Challenge @ 2 pm + Harlem Shake
    Friday 12th ---------- White Night + Glow Night + Boobs Cruise

    Saturday 13th ------ Red Night - Kori's birthday - Official Start of Assless Wonder Week!
    Sunday 14th -------- Cowboy Night
    Monday 15th -------- Ladies White Shirt Night - Coco Bongo - GoGo's belated birthday
    Tuesday 16th ------ 911/Rescuers Theme + Boobs Cruise - Adam's birthday + Betsy's early bday + Orange Swimsuit Day
    Wednesday 17th - Schoolgirl/Kilt Night - Toy Party 8:30 pm (private) - Tina's birthday
    Thursday 18th ----- lingerie Night - Stack the Hot Tub Challenge @ 2 pm + Harlem Shake
    Friday 19th ---------- White Night + Glow Night & Togas for men + Boobs Cruise + Orange Swimsuit Day- Debb & Will's and Kevin & Sarah's Anniversaries

    Saturday 20th ------ Red Night and Fetish Night - Denise's birthday
    Sunday 21st -------- Cancuncare Wear Orange Night - Rob and Paula's birthdays
    Monday 22nd ------- Ladies White Shirt Night - Coco Bongo - Allana's birthday
    Tuesday 23rd ------ 911/Rescuers Theme - + Boobs Cruise + Orange Swimsuit Day - Donald, Darren & Kelly’s birthdays + Jim & Michaline’s & Joe & Ashley's anniversaries Wednesday 24th - Schoolgirl/Kilt Night - Rob's birthday
    Thursday 25th ----- Lingerie Night - Todd's birthday - Stack the Hot Tub Challenge @ 2 pm + Harlem Shake
    Friday 26th --------- White Night + Glow Night + Boobs Cruise + Rob & Dee's anniversary

    Saturday 27th ----- Red Night
    Sunday 28th ------- Cancuncare Wear Orange Night - G's birthday
    Monday 29th ------- Ladies White Shirt Night - Coco Bongo - Karen's birthday
    Tuesday 30th ------ 911/Rescuers Theme - Rainbow Boobs Cruise +Fling Before the Ring Party

    I've been fielding some questions via PM's about theme nights, and I thought I would do a post with the basic info all in one place to point the newbies in the right direction. :)

    (1) For any theme night that requires something other than street clothes, you should NOT change into your theme gear until it's time to go to Paty-O's. The speciality restaurants won't seat you if you are not in something reasonably approximating dinner attire. For example, GoGo's chain-n-flowers get-up will result in her going hungry ;)

    (2) There is no organized meeting time or place for theme nights. Everyone just wanders into Paty-O's once they've had dinner.

    (3) The biggest participation is for Lingerie Night and White Night, so at a bare minimum you should pack attire for those nights.

    (4) If you are only going to do one other theme, choose Naughty Schoolgirl & Kilt Night, as this is the CCC theme that always has the best turnout, and it's always a fun night. You will regret not participating in this theme night. And keep an eye open for everyone moving out to the resort driveway at some point in the evening for group pictures.

    (5) On Lingerie Night, there is a fashion show in Paty-O's first, then the Casino Night is held in Nice Shoes. We gather outside Nice Shoes at 9:15, as I recall. You will NOT be admitted into Nice Shoes if you are not in lingerie, and men must be shirtless (smoking jackets a la Hugh Heffner are permitted). No T-shirts. Most men wear some type of novelty boxers in a cool color or with slogans or tuxedo fronts, or elephant ears and trunks, whatever. Anything goes for women. I saw one woman turn up in nothing but ribbon one year.

    (6) Nobody is really wearing togas yet on White Night (except Big Sexy!), although the resort has tried to morph White Night into a kind of Toga Night. Feel free to dress Roman, or just wear a white shirt (men) and a white dress or top/skirt (ladies). The more white your outfit is, the better, so men, if you have white pants or shorts, bring them. Usually CCC adds a glow theme to White Night, so go to the dollar store and buy some glow rings, sticks, etc.

    (7) Red Night doesn't get very much participation yet, but all you need is a red shirt (men) and a red outfit of some kind for the ladies. Or skip this night if you want...I doubt anyone will notice.

    (8) White Shirt Night is ladies in men's white dress shirts with bra and panties underneath, and high heels. No corresponding outfit for the men.

    (9) Anything Goes Night involves hilarious games at Nice Shoes...try to get there for it. No dress code, apart from whatever the CCC theme is for the night.

    (10) Bali Hai night. Feel free to wear a grass skirt and coconut bra, but don't expect me to ;) This resort theme night is pretty much universally ignored.

    (11) Rescuers/9-1-1 Night: I would think this is self-explanatory, but it's an easy theme night to do so no excuse for not participating. Guys, just go buy some kind of uniform shirt (cop, ambulance attendant, scrubs), or wear a cop hat or fireman helmet with a NYPD T-shirt or equivalent. I expect the ladies will mostly be sexy nurses and cops.

    (12) Cancuncare Orange Night: orange is the official colour of Cancuncare.com, so wear an orange dress, shirt, hat, etc...
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    Well done Karen. Thanks for your hard work here....
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    Like what big sexy said well done and I think the cruise on the 15th is brilliant!
  4. Roadstar Riders

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    Thanks for taking care of this Karen. Only one question....aren't all chaps assless?? LOL :wink3:
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    Hope the boob's cruise goes out on the 23rd, this will be our 2nd trip to TTR and we definately want to try it, sounds like a blast.
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    Now we just have to figure out how to get our sexy asses on both the April 15th and April 19th cruises, girlfriend! :mermaid:
  7. matchandahalf

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    Ya, they absolutely are! But we had a discussion about chaps on the voting thread, and everyone seems to like to call them "assless chaps" so I am going with the flow!
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    Wow sounds perfect, the Addicts are lucky to have an organiser like you girl! Thanks for incorporating a Fetish night while we're there (more support please people!!!!), my only slight problem is the only Orange night while we are there (8-22nd) is on our last night, not sure the outfit is gonna stay packed for that long. No worries, I can rock it round the pool one day, 6 inch heels round the Sexy Pool bar, yeah no probs!!!
    So looking forward to partying with all you guys!

  9. Doug&Val

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    Good job Karen! :xyxthumbs:
  10. Joel & Paula

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    Great job! Thanks !
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