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Discussion in 'Living in Cancun' started by Drewbert, Feb 28, 2007.

  1. Drewbert

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    "I'd like a 24" iMac please"

    "We only have the diplay one left"

    "Do I get a discount"


    30k peso sale walks out of store with no attempt to rescue sale.

    You have to wonder how any of these shops stay afloat.
  2. RiverGirl

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    The people at the bottom have no incentive to try to please you. Mexico is all about people covering their asses, not about them serving you or meeting your needs.

    I just had a laptop serviced in the States, at CompUSA. I figured they would be a huge pain in the neck about it because of the way the machine was busted they could have blamed me and refused warranty service. Instead they opened the service ticket over the phone (I called from here), then my friend brought the machine in and they had replaced the screen and had it back to my friend in less than a week.

    They were all just doing their jobs. But part of their jobs are to keep picky Americans happy. Here it seems Mexicans will put up with any kind of crappy service and never complain. And the employees here learn to do just enough to keep a paycheck coming in.

    My husband is always telling people here to complain more, he says "no one ever complains". Americans have institutionalized complaining, we are really good at it, and our businesses have taken note of that.
  3. cunspin

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    Your Husband has yet to meet me :D
  4. T.J.

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    Apr 13, 2003
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    My ex g/f (Mexicana) used to refer to things like this as TMO, or Typical Mexican Operation.

    Hey Drew - How about you give me the $$$ and I will bring you one back from the good ole U S of A next trip. There is a great Apple store where I bought my daughter a Mac.
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