Oct. 5 Article on Beach Renovation

Discussion in 'Living in Cancun' started by Jim in Cancun, Oct 5, 2008.

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    You're right Jim, this whole beach recovery thing seems to be a whole lot of "blah blah blah", "it's on, it's off, it's on", "you pay for it, no YOU pay for it, no you pay for mine and you pay for yours too". At this rate nothing will get done. Well, maybe "maƱana". :)
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    Beach Erosion Project

    Hey guys - are there any updates on if and when this project has started?
    I will be taking a trip down there with my family around the end of July this year, but I wasn't sure what the beach would be like at the Oasis. I love the town, but the beach was very sad when I went in May last year.

    I read one update that said the project should be completed around the end of August - is this still the case?

    Do they have any plans for where to start / finish for a gauge of which beaches should be done by end of July?

  3. Jim in Cancun

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    Are there any updates? Do you mean other than the one I posted this morning?
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    If engineers are concerned that the current beach recovery plan won't work then just maybe the plan should be looked at more carefully. Naysayers need to shut up, but actual constructive criticism should be heard.

    Personally I have very serious doubts about a) the govt's ability to choose the right restoration plan/method and b) the govt's ability to follow through with any needed maintenance after the restoration.

    We shall see what happens.
  5. Jim in Cancun

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    I agree, RG and the longer they wait the more "problems" they will find or create. They overcomplicated it already by involving 3 separate municipalities, the Federal and State governments, CFE and the banks.

    The only they they did wrong the last time IMHO is that they didn't contract the yearly follow up maintenance service that was recommended. That is part of the higher cost this time since it is supposedly budgeted for for the next 10 years.
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