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Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by CancunRedheadgirl, Apr 26, 2008.

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    Hello All,

    My husband and I are serriously considering a move to Cancun. Now knowing that is will be a lengthy process...of course I have a multitude of questions, but have found many answers to them..

    One thing that I havent found is about employment. I am a registered nurse in the USA and am wondering about gaining employment in Cancun.

    Can anyone point me in the direction to go? I speak some Spanish but will of course be much more fluent by the time we move. ( I hope.. haha).

    Does anyone know the average salary of a nurse in Cancun? Are there many job opportunities for a nurse there? There is a huge shortage in the US, so it makes employment easy to find and the salary negotiable , but I have no idea about Cancun.

    Also, we are trying to figure out what my husband could do for employment. He is deaf and working in construction/landscaping here, but we realize that those positions are given to the locals there and so that would not be an option for addition to his disability... it would probably confuse most. He knows about 6 Spanish words thanks to some of his crew members, but they arent ones he should probably be using.. haha.. Any ideas on what he would be able to do there? Or would I be able to command a salary that would support us as well as our 5 year old son?

    Any direction that someone can offer would be great.!

    Kathleen :p
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    You would benefit greatly from searching the Archives of this site for immigration questions. There is a huge amount of information about immigration's policies on foreigners working here in the Archives.

    In short, you are extremely unlikely to get permission from Mexican immigration to work here as a nurse. There is no shortage of nursing staff in Mexico so foreigners don't get permission to work those jobs.

    If you are willing to work illegally (not recommended) you could probably work as a private nurse here for wealthy elderly ex-pats. But immigration here is a major pita and if they catch you working illegally they will usually throw you out of the country for 5 years.
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