Nursing Home or private nurse in Cancun???

Discussion in 'Living in Cancun' started by JenMan, Jan 9, 2008.

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    Just wondering if anyone knows of a nursing/retirement home in the Cancun area (other than Ciudad de la Alegria) or a private nurse?

    A year and a half ago my suegro had a stroke. My husband and I rushed down there as soon as it happened to be with him but could unfortunately not be away from home or work in Toronto longer than 5 weeks. We practically spent the entire 5 weeks running around Cancun looking for someone who could care for my father-in-law without any luck. We still couldn't find anything when were down there last spring for a month as well. Ciudad de la Alegria has a waiting list a mile long. We ended up finding a place in Merida (which is where he is right now) but my suegro misses Cancun so much. He has made a lot of progress fortunately with the therapy he's received in Merida (also something lacking in Cancun to my understanding).

    My hubby and I will be coming back soon and we'd love to be able to either get my father-in-law back into his own home with a nurse who can come by once or twice a day to assist/care for him or even get him into some kind of nursing home actually in Cancun. Anyone know of anyone or anything?
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    Check your PM's.
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