Discussion in 'Living in Cancun' started by cancunroberto, Jan 18, 2008.

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    My lawyer is emailing me papers i need to have them notarized where do i do this
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    Notaria Publico

    Any Notaria Publico will be able to do this. Unfortunately, a US notary is a lot different than a Mexican notaria. It's a lot more expensive in Mexico. We use Notaria Publico 22.
  3. RiverGirl

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    Kathy - If you need a US-style notarization on your papers then you can get the US Consular Agent, Lynette Belt, to do it.

    Two issues, it's costs money (I remember it being $25 USD per doc, but you'd better check) and she is not always in the office. So you must call there and get the current price and then be sure she will be available when you go. The US Consul's Cancun office is in that rabbit warren called Plaza Caracol, it's upstairs.
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