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    I went to the Free Zone Thursday and retuned that night.

    When we left Mexici, my friend, a Residente Permanante, and I, an Inmigrante, filled out the same doc as you do when leaving by air. But we drove out.

    When returning we just followed the signs and they waived us thru two potential checkpoints. We flashed our Forms out the open window and kept getting waived on.

    Later it occurred to me that, as far as INM knew, I/we had left Mexico and had not yet returned. My great concern was that when I apply for my RP status I would be asked how I got back into Mexico and it could affect my application.

    I was about 10 or 12 people in line behind V so we visited in the que.

    Bottom line is that our transgression was no problem. The gai I dealt with logged in my visit by either passport number or FM__. She told me the collection of these forms was only for statistical purposes.

    So no hay problema and Mrs V can travel next week.
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