Newbies Looking Forward To Book In May 2021

Discussion in 'Temptation Cancun Forum' started by mojo, Sep 12, 2020.

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    Hi All, We are a couple from Egypt just knew about TTR a month ago or so! , and since then we are fascinated with the resort!
    We've spent many hours carefully studding the posts on this forum and finally built a solid idea about what to expect and how we want to spend our time at TTR.
    Since we will be coming all the way from Egypt, we are looking at serious flights time and cost $$$$, so we'd like to benefit from the promo codes available here and save some cash :)
    We are looking at May 2021 hopefully by then the flights restrictions imposed at the moment will be lifted and it'll be easier to travel to Cancun.
    Enough with the intro already! here are what we are seeking your valuable inputs to assess

    1- do you advise booking directly through TTR using the 25% promo code ? or we need to look around for 3rd parties with better prices ?

    2- We understand that TTR is fun all year around, but we will be more interested with more crowds hence more the fun ;) is May a busy months per say ?

    3- since the promo code doesn't apply on Garden/Ocean view rooms we are looking to book a Plush Jacuzzi Room, anyone stayed in these rooms before ? we are looking forward for a 10 days stay, so a Tower room is not an option for us as it will cost about 1500$ more! and we could save this money and actually spend it on activities.

    Any advises or insights will truly be appreciated

    Thank you all !
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    Check all booking options. Many members have Referrals but that requires a 2 hour sales pitch. We are not members so I am not selling anything.
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