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Discussion in 'Temptation Cancun Forum' started by BobcatFalcon, May 13, 2019.

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    Just got back from our first TTR trip at Easter. We went on a referral in trendy garden. Great time. We did the talk and politely declined. In and out in about 60 minutes.

    We are interested in returning again same time in 2020 in an trendy ocean room. We are pretty low maintenance couple. Not looking for all the bells and whistles a full premier member gets. Did like the top shelf booze, beach/pool area, towels. We were not offered a butler, which we probably wouldn’t have used anyway. Wondering if the rates we can find from snaptravel are lower than a referral??

    Hearing lots of chatter about Referrals aren’t getting what they previously had access to.
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    That was our experience in December as well. During our sales presentation we were asked how our butler was doing. The rep said he’d get us one that day but we declined. At other resorts the only thing we’ve used butlers for was for dinner reservations, but they’re easy enough to get on our own at TTR. I do t believe there have been any changes to the referral program behind a butler assignment.

    We’ve always booked using Orbitz or Expedia. Factoring in buying airfare separately, the Referrals we’ve booked have been slightly less expensive overall, but not enough to be a factor.
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    That had been the trend. We are members and last 2 trips and upcoming trip in Oct were third party due to being cheaper than our member (or referral) rate.
    Difference is we do get our member benefits even if booked third party.
    Shop around.
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