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Discussion in 'Golden Parnassus Forum' started by Steve, Mar 6, 2019.

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    Saw this mentioned in the Golden Parnassus Facebook group so thought I would mention here.

    The State of Quintana Roo recently introduced a law restricting the sale of pre-packaged alcohol sales. Alcohol can't be sold after 11pm (or 7pm on a Sunday), nor before 10am. The reason being to cut down on crime (good luck with that)

    'Sale' of pre packaged alcohol means paying for a can or bottle of beer, a bottle of liquor / wine etc. This law applies to convenience stores / supermarkets / restaurants / nightclubs etc. In the Hotel Zone there is a special permit that the establishment can apply for which extends this to 3am.

    All Inclusive hotels do not 'sell' alcohol they provide it as part of the overall package, as do nightclubs offering open bar.

    Seems that the Golden Parnassus have used this new law as an excuse to not serve alchol until noon. I can only summise it is a cost cutting exercise. There are no restrictions after 10am sales for anyone, on any day.

    Reports are that almost all other hotels are not imposing such restrictions and while checking in the Boobs Cruise at 10am a few days ago many people checked in while carrying drinks served at Temptation.

    I did actually fall foul of this law myself. Last Sunday I thought about having a few beers about 8pm, went to my local convenience store to stock up, only to find this notice.

    Doesn't matter to me about buying alcohol before 10am. But if on a Sunday, particularly when we have people over for a social event, if I want to stock up I need to do so before 5pm?

    To cut crime?

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    Hi Steve, there was a new TR on TA. The reviewer stated no alcohol was being served before 10. If GP is going to continue this, me thinks they will lose business.
    I know we are schedule for end of May. I have free cancellation up to May 25th. If they do not change back we will be cancelling. This would be our 9th trip to
    GP. We really like it there but this is BS and they will lose business. The one thing I have not read is how late the Tiki bar is staying open. It is normally until
    2am or lack of customers.
  3. Patch

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    Im not sure a resort will lose business , if someone really needs a drink before noon then order an extra one or two at night and put in the fridge.. I just booked the other day along with 3 other couples, hasnt changed our position.. Ill keep a bottle or 2 in the room.. :)
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    Can anyone tell me if the GP is still not serving any alcohol before noon? I am also wondering if anyone can tell me how late the Tiki Bar is staying open? Thank you in advance
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    It is no longer the case... they’re back to normal serving. Tiki was 2am last time I was there, but a couple nights we stayed later & they let Carlos keep serving. We tipped well & he didn’t mind. Going back in 2 weeks. Can’t wait! :)
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