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Discussion in 'Living in Cancun' started by jen***, Sep 12, 2008.

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    Well incase any of you missed it before, this site has everything and normally uploaded within hours, we get stuff from it everyday, such as X-Factor, Match of the Day, BBC Wildlife Programmes (including the fantastic - Lost Land Of The Jaguar, a must see), Monkey Dust (very, very funny adult themed cartoons but be warned can be offensive) and they even have the brand new and classic series of Top Gear to download aswell.

    Anyone needing any help with torrents, PM me and i'll let you know what software you need to download and play.

    Use this site for most UK TV programmes (they have radio 4 shows too) -

    And this site for American ones (i.e. Bear Grylls can be found here in Man Vs Wild which is just Born Survivor but renamed) plus great series like Pushing Daisies, Lost and Smallville, all up to date so no need to wait a year for Mexican sky to catch up!

    Another program i would reccomend is 'the alaska experiment' where three groups are sent to fend for themselves for 3 months in the wild, i've only seen the first episode but looks great. [/url]
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