needing assistance in finding a place to live in Cancun

Discussion in 'Living in Cancun' started by Brennetta, Nov 3, 2007.

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    I am looking for some help. I am coming into Cancun with my 5 pd Dog on Nov 24 2007. My origanal place to stay has fell threw so i was hoping for some help in finding a new place to stay,
    If you are looking or know any one looking for a roomate let me know as i don't mind sharing a place or I am also willing to pay a fee to the peson that helps me secure a small place on my own that allowes a small dog that is furnished(just need bed,dresser, couch,TV, and Kitchen needs) near shopping, bus with AC, can afford up to $400.00 a mth and transfport from airport so if you can help or know of anyone that can please send me a message.
    thanks for your time
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    It's best to look in person once you are here. Lots of landlords here are awful and make the tenant pay to fix things (which means nothing gets fixed). For your price you will have trouble finding something nice, so expect to hunt for a week or more. Also you need to be careful where you rent, some neighborhoods are safer than others.
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    You can usually find an apartment that is fairly nice for those prices if: you speak Spanish and can sign a year-long contract. The quality of apartments varies wildly for your budget. And "furnished" is a relative term. You're not going to find something that has all the furniture you seek, and most likely they'll be cast-offs.

    For a place that is truly furnished, expect to pay much more than $4000 pesos. The lower the price is for a nice place, the farther away from downtown it is, and the neighborhood might be dangerous.

    I spent a week at a hotel just by the bus station and called dozens of places and saw several places until I found one decent. Unfortunately, this turned into a nightmare situation for other reasons.

    I have had to fight for landlords to pay to fix things (I usually get my way if I pay upfront for the repair and then discount the rent) or if it's 100 pesos or so, I just pay it myself.
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