My Trip Report (Extremly long)

Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by u2j, Apr 29, 2005.


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  1. Jlow511

    Jlow511 Guest

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    I bumped it a while back, mine is burried on page 3-4 by now I bumped it at same time I bumped yours, love reading the old TR's. Oh, and Joe me and my bro watched some of the Video from Cancun lol I actually got you on there quite a bit lol I found it on my PC so I don't have to upload it again so soon I'll be transfering it to DVD and I'll send ya another copy on DVD!
  2. Dogtrainer

    Dogtrainer Guest

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    No problem buddy .. Next time you need a real roommate .. look me up ..
  3. u2j

    u2j Guest

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    well i for sure, anyone here on CC would be a good candidate for a roommate, i gotta tell ya though, this guys is a goood friend of mine and i felt really bad for him not getting what i got, but we are still friends and i guess he regret doing what he did later and realized how childish he was

    i am looking forward to SB 007 but there is a big chance i will be engage or something there so it wont be the same, except alot of KnD hahaha
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