My Trip Report ~ Day 9

Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by janie, Jan 5, 2009.

  1. 212eric

    212eric Guest

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    Your trip report, as usual, was fantastic! Do I sound like a broken record? Of course I do, but it's true so I don't mind saying the same thing over and over again, LOL!!!

  2. Greta

    Greta Guest

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    You're very welcome...
  3. jenfleur

    jenfleur Guest

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    Just too good for words! :clap:

    I love all the food parts, as you know :wink: but the lush beach photos get me everytime. You & Norb are looking grand as well, Janie.

    So, full marks from me! :D
  4. janie

    janie Guest

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    gracias, Eric!

    Jen ... I've read all of your comments ... thank you :D
    and I miss you posting!!!
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