My Experience, Was Wondering If Any Others Had The Same

Discussion in 'Temptation Miches Grand' started by Fredmgill, Jan 14, 2024.

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    Hi all,
    Long time TTR visitor (15 times) we were booked into Miches for Halloween in 2022 right after the "Grand Opening" Obviously we did not go, we had a deposit for 2 reservations, 3 nights at Miches and 3 nights at Grand Miches booked directly with the resort. Obviously we were never billed the balance as they announced the closing before the balance was due. After months of negotiations and dozens of emails we agreed to visit Grand Miches for Halloween 2023, 4 nights paid and 2 nights free at the original Grand Opening price. This was finalized in February 2023, they carried over the deposits we had put down on the 2 resorts for the original visit and the balance of $960 to be charged 3 weeks prior to arrival. We never got billed the balance until we checked in on Oct. 27 2023. Had an amazing vacation and the night before we left we booked for next Halloween. We booked it through the hotel website and was "charged" the deposit with the balance due 3 weeks before we arrived. As we were checking out the next day we inquired if they got our reservation for next year as we wanted to request the same room we had. They said the reservation was in the system and put a note in our reservation requesting the specific room. We were never charged that deposit. Even though we entered our credit card in and got an approval, we have not been charged any money for this reservation. So my point is.... Did they know at that point that the resort days are numbered and in reality they were not taking and billing for new reservations that they would have to refund 2 months later.
    Just my feelings.
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    We were just at Miches (came back 5 days ago) We booked this trip July 2023, leaving a deposit. In the months that followed, we saw the price drop twice and asked the resort to price match. They did each time. When it was time to pay our balance (they sent me an email Dec 21, 2 days before the news of Miches closing) I asked about the deposit I had paid. They told me the deposit had not been taken out. I was confused because I remember entering my credit card info back in July and clicking 'submit' to have a portion deducted for the deposit.

    I went to my credit card's website and sure enough, the deposit had never actually been taken out.

    We booked in July 2023 and the deposit wasn't taken. I don't know if they knew back then about the resort closing, but it's possible.
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