Much Improvements, Food Allergies And Boobs Cruise

Discussion in 'Temptation Cancun Forum' started by lochnavar, Nov 27, 2019.

  1. lochnavar

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    This was our fourth time visiting, since the renovation-19th to 26th November...

    What can I say! There have been massive improvements in the new resort... more hand rails, grip strips and carpets in slippery areas, etc... And unfortunately, I broke a big toe shortly before arriving, and I still never had a single slip! Just be aware, and be careful, like anywhere with smooth tiles, water and alcohol!

    The Massive change for us, was the security. Now, they intervene, to keep people safe... more than we ever seen, pre Reno, so that is fantastic! But better than that, they don’t intervene, with people having fun (within reason) anymore...

    Since our last visit, I now have severe food allergies... I was very apprehensive about coming at all in fact, as many places, even in the uk are hopeless! This place is fantastic! Actually, air on the side of caution.

    So... if you have food allergies, believe it our not, the buffet is your best meal! Other restaurants, basically give you the normal menu, minus the things you can’t eat, but sutra was very good for me. The chef at the buffet restaurant was amazing though, he came out, suggested things he could make for you, and asked your approval! As an ultra sensitive celiac, I didn’t get sick once!

    Boobs Cruise food, I thought I couldn’t eat anything, but my husband spoke to them, made sure the food was fresh out with no cross contamination... Amazing!!!

    Especially considering, American Airlines, couldn’t deal with my food allergies, lactose and gluten, and neither could Miami or Philadelphia airport!

    Basically, in our opinion, the old TTR is returning, with improvements!!!
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  2. Lindilou

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    Love this. Great report and excellent news!
    Thanks for writing
  3. Steve

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    Nice to hear you had a good time Clare, and I agree the hotel is improving in so many ways. The GM Patric has a lot to do with that I think, I'm sure you will agree having met him personally now.

    As for the receptiveness to your allergy issue that is good to know also.

    Apologies for my irritability when you asked before. The hotel and the Boobs Cruise lunch stop each serve several hundred meals a day. Most of their staff have been there years and all are trained with respect to allergies. Allergy issues are something they encounter multiple times daily.

    I am sure their training and knowledge of allergies is better than most people's local sandwich shop, pizza place or pub where they serve a few dozen meals a day and their staff change every three weeks.
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    Positive news Lochnavar, that you think elements of the "old" TTR is returning, On talking to Patric on several occasions in June, we wasn't convinced he knew the right direction (we still have his business card taped to our P.C. !!) but maybe we we're wrong. As for many of the slip/trip potentials , many of these we're engineered by the designers , shiny floors, leaks in roof, dance floor 3 foot off base, silly tables and chairs at Bash etc., so again good to know these finally being addressed . Sorry to hear about the toe tho… ouch !!
  5. jnine

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    So glad the two of you had a great trip. Not surprised that the airlines weren't much help though. The large airlines here leave a lot to be desired when compared to some others from around the world.
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