Moving very soon, my story any help much appreciated...

Discussion in 'Living in Cancun' started by SamCancun, Aug 22, 2007.

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    Mexican immigration will fairly easily grant you permission to live here with your Mexican wife and child. You will be a financial dependent on her and won't be allowed to work here. If you want to work it will be like I said, timeshares, some hotel jobs, maybe tour jobs.

    The good thing about being married to a Mexican is that you will qualify for citizenship after just 3 years of having permission to live here. And once you are a citizen then all the crap about being allowed to work goes out the window.

    Now that I say that your daughter is Mexican because her mom is Mexican. So you also would qualify for citizenship based on her being your child.

    Does your daughter have a Mexican passport yet? If not I recommend you do whatever it takes to get her Mexican citizenship recognized asap. Her being Mexican helps your status with Immigration here. Remember they love families in Mexico.
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    Thanks for that, i'll check your pm soon Steve.

    We already have my birth certificate translated and apostilled from when we got married here, also I have now just had our wedding certificate and Sofia's full birth certificate translated and apostilled already. We plan on applying for a Mexican passport for Sofia a.s.a.p., we want her to have have dual citizenship.

    I suppose it's a tricky situation because 3 years is a long time and I would like to be available for work, say I work for the US company for one year, having applied for my wife to be my financial dependent and then decide later I need to get a job here and change my visa, that would be a problem, right? I just don't want to be in a situation where I cannot support my family and at the same time if I get a job in Mexico, I don't want to lose my job working for the US company because I don't have the time to work for them, as I will never get close to what they will pay me!

    Sorry for such intense questions, I suppose i'm probably better to just get there and sort it out from there, making sure I bring all my documents with me and my last six months bank statements too!
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    Sam: you are right about selling tours being another possible job for ex-pats. Those that I know who do (or did) this got the jobs directly from the tour operators in Cancun, so I don't know about the logistics of getting this from afar. But who knows!

    One thing someone did mention to me is that when she started selling tours through Olympus that there was some tension between her and other Mexicans in the same job. Basically because, since it's comission based, she immediately started making a killing, leaving her coworkers in the dust, and that irritated some of them.
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