Moon rise, 8:50 PM tonight

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    Many took advantage of the fairly clear skies to be at the sea and watch the super moon rise yesterday. Clouds at the horizon prevented it being the spectacular event it could have been, but it was still well worth being there, as within a few minutes the moon had fully appeared as a big, orange ball.

    The moon rose just as twilight was ending last night: tonight will be better, in this respect, as it will be fully dark when the moon comes up. At 99% of full, it could still be something to behold, and perhaps the sky will be clear, at the horizon.

    Last night there was just enough breeze to keep the mosquitos at bay, but not enough to stir the sand, making lying on the sand very comfortable. The warm seas and warm airs this time of year make it a thoroughly enjoyable couple of hours spent.

    Moonrise, Moonset and Moonphase for Mexico – Quintana Roo – Cancún – coming days
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