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    Checked it out tonight for an early dinner, arriving at 6 pm. Only one couple there besides our table and they left while we were ordering.

    There are these huge stainless steel bowls and you add your own ingredients from this salad bar sort of setup. Lots of veggies, 3 kinds of pasta and shrimp, steak, chicken, fake crab, pulpo (octopus for you gringos-haha) and calamari.

    You take as much as you want and then you have a choice of about 6 sauces. I chose terryaki and mixed it with something just a tiny bit picante. A nice mix.

    They then weigh your bowl and your order is priced at $170 per kg. 3 of us were out of there for $600 with a nice tip included and we had huge bowls of food. We had no booze but 2 drinks each including limonada, smoothies and a bottle of water. Mr. Piggy here ate every bite but the others had left overs. Oh yeah, a choice of rice options is included and you can choose one of 3 soups. My rice was very good and all of the soups were kind of blah.

    The orders were prepared perfectly but I did not like the steak. The shrimp and chicken were just right and very tasty. I avoided the snow peas which would have been a great ingredient as they did not appear fresh at all.

    The service was very very good. I will go back there again. It is a beautiful place, located next door to the left of Marakame. They deserve a chance in my opinion although minor things need to be worked out. You can eat inside or out. The restaurant was spotlessly clean.
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