Money Sent Home by Mexicans in US Drops 12 Percent

Discussion in 'Living in Cancun' started by mixz1, Oct 1, 2008.

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    I think that CarlB is one of those close minded ubber Republicans (you know with a picture of President Regan displayed proudly in his home and office) who just hates democrats and uses any issue he can to bash them. He couldn't be too hateful of Mexicans if he's on this forum (about Cancun MEXICO), so I think it was an anti-democrat smear more than anything. Either way it was out of line, unnecessary, and was probably posted while under the influence of alcohol.

    All in favor of adding "Democrat(s)" and "Republican(s)" the the forum's naughty words filter...? :roll:
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    Oct 6, 2008
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    RE: Illegal immigration serious $$ loss to US tax payers

    I did say that when these "Anchor babies" become adult ( all 300,000 every year, year after year ) they can bring in their family members. In the mean time their familys get thousands of dollars sent to them for each one, a year, as a reward for illegally crossing into the USA to deliver their baby. The total net loss to all US tax payers is huge. Google " Illegal immigration cost more then IRAQ war" Also google " 12 Americans killed a day by illegal immigrants" Also watch Lou Dobbs of CNN the leading news agency in the World. Also check out these major main stream groups.

    Groups like La Raza and the other open border groups set up bogus web sites with bogus statistics that some Americans actually fall for. They dont want Americans to know that they are slowly losing their culture, language and billions of net over loss. The little bit of taxes the pay, is a fraction what it cost to house, feed, law enforcement, jails, foreign gangs, Social services, infrastructure, trash, environmental loss, loss of American lives. Even this current banking problem includes the millions of loans and financial doings with those who have no trackable source of income. In the banking world called "Ninja Loans".

    Do I dislike "Hispanics" Well, since 1/2 of my family is Hispanic, I would say no. I think they are all nice people. People of every culture. Do I think that all Americans should be forced to pay thousands of extra dollars in taxes and 12 Americans being killed to support illegal immigration. Then my answer is no. The USA has the largest LEGAL immigration system in the entire world. No reason to support ILLEGAL immigration on top of that. So, get the facts. Then get back to me. On this Im an expert. If you want shocking numbers I can provide that to you as well. But, check out those sites above. Watch CNN with Lou Dobbs and then understand its simply about "illegal" immigration. Not "legal" immigration.

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    Not "some of his best friends" are Hispanic but some family too! One of the "mainstream" (sic and sick)links doesn't work for me. What an expert! Of course I am not directing this to him "El sabio puede cambiar de opiniĆ³n. El necio, nunca". Immanuel Kant.
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    CarlB - Your posts are short on facts. Your grammar is weak to the point that I'm not always sure of your points. What is clear is that you are close-minded and intolerant. I'll save my energy for a real discussion with someone who is open-minded.
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    Im not trying to get a rise out of anyone, and I really dont care to get into discussions like this...... but curious on why it is you claim to be an expert on this topic?
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