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Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by meliss_880, Feb 12, 2008.

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    Best way to calculate is, budget 50US for the clubs each ngiht. Costs of entry can range on Spring Break higest being 45US. I would budget aqt least 10 bucks a night for cabs home as well. Maybe 10 bucks a night for pizza, after club munchies...

    I bring 400 US and that works fine with me. I don't shop though. But you wanna bhudget in money for tipping as well, us ladies don't have to tip THAT much but a couple bucks for maids and htoel staff works well
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    I find it pretty hard to spend 500 usd while there. I am like dream, I dont shop or anything like that. Most of my time is spent at my resort because its free food and drinks, plus its the best place to be for partying.
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    Yeah after being there for like 5 years, you have all the tourist tokens bought already the shirtsd, and gifts to take home. I have got it down to a science now, and now how much I need.

    If you plan on doing any tours, Horseback riding, Jungle Tour.....Those things can run anywhere from 40US to 100US per tour..Keep that in mind..

    Actually I brought 350 last year, went Horseback riding, went out to the clubs every night, took cabs everywhere, ate Dominos every night, and tipped peole, and I had plenty..I think I even came home with money :lol:
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