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Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by UKLAD, Jan 25, 2007.

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    That's the departure tax. And yes. if it isn't included in your airfare you do have to pay it at departure.

    Pesos or US dollars accepted.
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    pretty sure it was 40 large ones when i was there, but thats going back to blighty so can't comment for america.

    putting my 2pence worth in for the politcal debate, casto might be a dictator, but it aint much better living under the bush/blair regime either! :idea:
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    Very easy to say, but do you know what a Dictator REALLY is?
    With that logic, I guess Stalin wasn't such a bad guy either
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    yeah having wasted 2 years of my life studying politics i am fairly confident i know the forms of governance. Was merely pointing out that we're increasingly being ruled in a forced manor, quite contrary to a democracy :lol: .... anyways, heres the deal with leaving mexico

    "If you do not have your tourist permit with you when you leave, you will need to undergo some Mexican Immigration red-tape and apply to get an exit permit! These cost DOUBLE the normal entry permit cost (the current fee is about $40 and the hassle is immense) A lost permit, especially if you only notice at the airport when you are ready to leave, will delay your exit, and you may even miss your flight"

    moral of the story, keep the permit safe!

    hope that helps
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