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Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by Steve, Jan 22, 2005.

  1. Sunnydaze05

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    I sure hate to hear that...Melia T must have really taken a beating by Wilma....maybe you should consider the RIU Cancun or RIU Caribe????
    Check them out on this site, and some of the other travel sites. Have a great time! :lol:
  2. CancunCrazyCanadian

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    We are going to book at the GR Solaris in lieu of the Melia Turquesa. I can hardly wait till it is back up and running and better than ever. In the mean time, I am certain we'll enjoy the new Solaris.
  3. Cozmo

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    Ok. The GR Solaris is where we've decided! Don't really know anything about it except the reviews I see on sites, which are both good and bad. Anyone know? Any info on the place, beach, etc would be great! Thanks! 118 days and counting WOOHOO!!! And praying for no hurricanes!!!
  4. Cancun Honeymoon

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    I would also recommend the OMNI - it is tons of fun, great service, staff, location and the place is beautiful. We had a great time last May and will be there again in 22 days with four kids in tow.

    It was so great we bought a timeshare and love having it.

    Good luck and I think the best way to have a goodtime no matter where you stay, is attitude and expectation. Just have a good time and be specific, gracious, friendly, and if you're not happy - give them the opportunity to fix it.

    Live it up.

  5. CancunCrazyCanadian

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    Melia Turquesa Update!

    Cozmo, I'll find you some of the information that I have accumulated on the GR Solaris. I'm very excited about our upcoming trip. On the TA board, the best information I got was on a thread by Dangers, giving his review. He answered many questions and was a huge help.

    Update on the Melia Turquesa!!

    I wrote them and received the following information in email, along with four pictures of the new hotel, from a planning perspective only. They are mock ups, but WOW, the place has taken on a totally new, retro type of look. I'd hardly recognize it.

    Once I figure out how to post the pictures I will, until then, here is the email. Feel free to email yourself and I am sure they will forward on the zip file of pictures as well.

    From: Gcia.- Graciela Herrera []

    Subject: RE: October 15, reopening... but

    First of all, thank you very much for your interest in our property!

    Please know that October 15th., is the estimated date for the reopening, but you know that we depend directly on the Company that is in charge of the re-built works....

    The concept of the hotel will completely change, and we will have a better and more beautiful hotel.


    * Contemporary decoration
    * Completely new rooms and suites
    * 2 "M Experience" VIP executive floors
    * Main restaurant divided into 4 different ambiances and cuisine offerings
    * La Palapa restaurant completely refurnished and buffet area with air conditioning
    * New Snack bar
    * State-of-the-art SPA with infinity pool
    * Water ritual pool
    * Specially designed family areas according to the concept
    * Group and convention facilities
    * All Inclusive

    Attached please find some VIRTUAL PICTURES of our new facilities. Of course, they will be having some changes...

    Please let me know if we can be of further assistance.


    Graciela Herrera G.
    Asistente Ejecutiva de Dirección General
    Executive Assistant to Mr. Ernesto Luna
    Meliá Turquesa All Inclusive Beach Resort
    Blvd. Kukulcán Km. 12, Zona Hotelera
    C.P. 77500, Cancún, Q. Roo, México
    Tel. (998) 881.26.00 y 881.25.00
    Fax (998) 881.25.01
    Dial (011 52 998) when calling from USA
    Ofertas exclusivas y garantía del mejor precio online.
    Exclusive special offers and best online rate guarantee.
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  7. CancunCrazyCanadian

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  8. Cozmo

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    Thanks for the info!!! I had seen that page before but didn't know if it was the right one since there are so many versions of "Solaris"! Thanks for your replies I appreciate them!
  9. CancunCrazyCanadian

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    You are very welcome Cozmo. I hope you have a great trip and please let me know how the hotel is. My holiday is way too far off yet! :cry:
  10. Criegs

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    Boy is there a big differance in pricing at the Melia from what we paid in Feb 2005 when we lasted stayed there, to our plans to go Feb 2007. Referance:

    I know changes have been made and they need to make up for it, but I think they priced me down the beach to stay somewhere else.

    Sorry Melia :cry:
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