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Discussion in 'Temptation Cancun' started by d&tnewbies, May 18, 2008.

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    If we had only one word to describe the experience....FANTASTIC!!!

    It was our first time at the resort and despite utilizing all the information on the forums, we were still alittle unsure of our decision (that feeling quickly faded once we hit the sexy pool. I'm sure the drinks didn't hurt any either!). After grabbing lunch at Margarita's, we settled into our room, changed into our suits and hit the pool.

    We spent our week chatting with people in the sexy pool, drinking, enjoying a booze cruise, drinking, parasailing, kayaking, drinking, dinners with Sue & Dave, drinking and we even got Tracy to play some beach vollyball!!!

    We went with the resort to Coco Bongo's...WOW! Highly recommended and don't forget your camera! We ventured to Carlos & Charlies a couple of nights, via the bus! You have to do that at least once. But, if you're with Michelle & Cory...take a cab back to the resort...right Michelle??? LOL

    We met so many wonderful people, we're not going to try to remember everyone here! But special mention goes out to Sue & Dave, El & PJ, Tasha & Brian, Michelle & Cory, Carly & Brandon and Chris & ?? (ouch, I knew I'd forget at least one!).

    The resort was clean, the staff friendly and helpful. Ya gotta love bartenders Pedro and Herbert!!! The room was nice, the bed soft and comfortable (although we heard some weren't). The food was very good at the buffet and the restaurants...Asian was our favorite! Sexy coffee at the Italian place is a MUST SEE!

    The only disappointment was the cancellation of the friday booze cruise, but we made the best of it!!! We will definately return and look forward to meeting up with the friends we made and the ones we didn't get a chance to meet on this trip!

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