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Discussion in 'Temptation Cancun Forum' started by jennifer teague, May 13, 2019.

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    Celebrating my 40th here. A decent size group. As of today it looks like 4 couples with more looking into it.. None of us have been here before. All LS friendly. I have the lush jacuzzi. Anyone one have pros or cons? The bash is sold out for the beginning of the trip so we have a small amount of choices. How far are these rooms from the action. How many does the jacuzzi fit? Are you allowed to pull the curtain to play in the jacuzzi?
    Also, Captain, is it a choice without being a member?
    Thanks in advance
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    Hello, and welcome!!

    Just to answer your questions kind of quickly. The Lush Jacuzzi rooms are in the middle of the tower. (think of it like a U, and the lush rooms are at the bottom/inside of the U). As far as distance from the action, since the are set back, you really don't have a view down below of the action at bash at night, or being able to see the pool from your balcony. However, you are closest to the elevators and stairs, so you can get to Bash and the lobby quicker than any other location on the resort.

    I believe it would be considered a 2 person Jacuzzi, but I am sure you could fit a couple more. There isn't a curtain to close to hide any action, but I don't think you would be stopped depending on what you are doing. No one is really on the lookout, expect maybe other guests in the other tower rooms.

    Captain is available to all :)

    Here is a pic from the highest bash room closest to the end (next to a suites with the wrap around decks).

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    You want to pull the curtain...….. ???? What a shame LOL...............….
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