mardi gras night spring break????

Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by Smitty28, Feb 29, 2004.

  1. Smitty28

    Smitty28 Guest

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    got a question. me my brother and his best friend are leaving march 13th for cancun. heard alittle bit about mardi gras night but not to much.
    fat tuesdays heard they have it and pat obriens, but i have recently heard that pat obriends got into a bad fire. so i have no clue if there opened up yet or what is going on. also heard pat obriens is on a wensday night.

    my questions which is better??? and should i bring lots of beads??? i mean do the girls flash flash flash or is it pretty lame??? should we go or pass on this???

    wed like to go crazy and pass out some beads and if so im gona buy some and take. but if its not worth it and a waste of time then i wont waste my money. i got a few beads left as i went to two mardi gras parties friday and saturday and had some fun even stayed sober didnt drink :) hard to do but i was DD lol

    please let me know asap so i can decide if i should order some beads or find them for sale where i live

  2. LuvCereza

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    This is what they call Carnaval (carnival) is the last celebration before Lent, and it's celebrated with special gusto in Cozumel. Here, the celebration resembles New Orleans's Mardi Gras with a festive astmosphere and parades. Three days preceding Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent.
    Now, I haven't been down during that time. There could be more of a celebration downtown. Not sure and I don't want to tell you wrong. Maybe someone who lives down there can tell you more. Anyone else?
  3. kaitlynpg

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    mardi gras beads

    Beads are cheap. If it is that important you see boobs, why not try a strip club. or spend the whole...
    1 Dz Bag $0.99
    10 Dz Bag $7.25
    60 Dz Case $35.00
    10 cases or more $32.50
    40 cases or more $30.00
    And maybe some girls will honor you with their breasts. you can pretend it is mardi gras, even though it is not, in any situation. there are dumb naked girls in every city.
    Good luck with the women.
  4. Jamie

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    Actually I can settle it for both parties involved.

    Mardi Gras was last week. :D

    However, there are always women, as Kaitly pointed out, that will flash for beads 365. During Spring Break, which is why most college guys go on spring break, the chances are much higher that women will flash for beads.

    Cancun is no different.

    So, there's the anser. :D

  5. smitty

    smitty Guest

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    yes i know that mardi gras was last week. but i was told that in cancun on tuesday or wensday every week during spring break they have mardi gras theme nights at fat tuesdays and pat obrien's therefore if so wed like to check it out and bring beads. but if this dont go on then we dont want to waste our time or money on beads that we wont be giving out. yes im sure that girls will flash for beads but we arent just gonna wear beads to see a flash at any club. only if its a themed actual mardi gras night where everybody wears beads to pass out to flashing girls. that is all i was asking but so far my question has not been answered. if anybody has been to spring break or fat tuesdays or pat obriens during there mardi gras night which day are they each week and how does it get??? that is all i want to know.
  6. Klaw

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    Fat Tuesday's does a sort of Mardi Gras thing every Tuesday night. It's really not overly organized and if someone isn't wearing beads they are probabaly in the majority.

    When you buy your cover ticket from the entertainment staff at your resort, most of them will also sell you beads.

    At least at BBG the price for the beads is quite steep in my opinion.

    The cover is $5 and for $10 you get you cover and 2 strands of beads. I think that is a rip off personally and know at BBG they don't sell many beads.

    Hope this answers your question.

  7. doogster

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    Pat O'Briens has the best Mardi Gras party. Every Wednesday. I will be down from March 17-22 and my first night will be St. Patrick's Day and Mardi Gras. They put on a good show. Lots of guys. But, lots of girls doing stuff as well.

    The other Mardi Gras parties around town are pretty lame.

    Pat O'Briens does have the highest cover charge (to my knowledge) in Cancun ... But, I've never had to tip for drinks there. Though their drink list is low ... Don't ask for Pina Coladas or anything like that.
  8. smitty

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    sounds like fun ill be there on wensday then. i heard pat obriens caught fire must of not been to bad i guess. doogster maybe well see ya there. we might were our bowling green ohio white shirts out that night two of us if so come up and say hi or something. its alway nice to meet someone off the boards.
    thanks for the info

    ill be going out and gettin some beads i guess i dont want to spend that much on them there.

  9. LuvCereza

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    If it that important to you give them a call and ask them! This man wants to pass out some beads!! :whip:

    Pat O'Brien's
  10. LeahN47

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    How funny you ask. We are planning on bringing our left over beads from New Orleans to Cancun for that very reason... No I wont tell you how i got them ;) So we too will be at Pat O briens Weds night I guess the whole crew can meet up there. Not sure what I will be wearing but I will look for you all in bowling green white atire...O also I got the coolest beads, they have shot glasses attached to them which works out great for parties at home too.
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