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    Hi there!

    We have never been to Cancun in March, but next year we are looking at March. I know that is Spring Break month, but I am wondering about the last full week of March. Is that typically really crowded with people and craziness? We are coming with another couple to celebrate anniversaries, and aren't really up to all that craziness. Don't get me wrong, we like to have fun and stuff too, but just not that many people. We were thinking of doing half the time on Isla and half on Cancun, depending.

    Thanks for any info!

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    It can be easily avoided there is a host of hotels that dont accept breakers and areas along the hotel zone strip which are more quiet. if heading into partyzone at night you certainly would meet the crazyness though as it will still be fairly busy with breakers then. possibly head down town into the city centre of cancun for your nighttime entertainment were very little amounts of breakers will be found.
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    We typically (for the last 3 years) go down in March during Spring Break. We stay at Temptations (BBG) and have no problems. Hardly any breakers at our resort but if we want to venture out and party with the breakers, we usually do.
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