March 4th-11th Ttr 30time Repeaters 1st Time Breathless

Discussion in 'Breathless Riviera Maya Forum' started by MelnReg, Feb 10, 2019.

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    Just searching for some more info on Breathless and glad to hear some positive comments! We absolutely love TTR, well the old TTR anyway, the new one was a bit disappointing without Patio but still a party atmosphere like we haven’t found elsewhere. Been many times but we are getting married and didn’t want to take friends and family to TTR so 22 of us are booked for Breathless Feb 2020. So, do they have shows each night like TTR? We booked Excelerate. Worried that all the gorgeous looking pools are only for Exhale level? And will we get premium liquor? Do we get the Tequila Tastings? Found the website on these points a bit confusing and don’t want our guests to think they are getting something and be disappointed when they get there.

    Thanks for any info.
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