March 2023 Couple’s Games / Activities/ Dynamics

Discussion in 'Temptation Cancun' started by peggyrene90, Feb 14, 2023.

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    We’re not sure if they’re any couples activities, dynamics or games in the resort, but we usually have one of our own every time we travel, kinda like a dare game between us, example; I dare you to leave the table (at the bar) and you have 5 mins to bring back proof that you danced with a stranger (pic of video) depending how well the night goes and of course if the atmosphere and the Establishment rules or limits allows we increase the level of dares .

    we share this because is very likely we meet couples or singles with our same lifestyle and if interested they can help either complete dares or make some let us know it’s our own fun way to let loose and play with each other.
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    It is common for Brandy to walk me up to a table of women and tell them she brought me to dance with them, or she will point out a line of gals and tell me not to come back until I've danced with all of them. It is common for them to ask "Why are you talking to us, with that ring on your hand". I just say that I'm not trying to get in their pants, but just being friendly.
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