Manifesto for rebuilding Cancun even better

Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by Marooned, Nov 14, 2005.

  1. Scott in NH

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    I guess my question would be, since some of the ideas are contradictory, who would determine what would be a "good" idea?
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    From what I understand, they are building a malecon (boardwalk) heading from Bonampak, south of the bullring (opposite Plaza Las Americas) to the lagoon. I saw it last week from an elevated position, and there is SOME construction activity.

    My only thoughts is that it will be mosquito hell around dusk.

    The cycle track goes from km0 all the way to Punta Cancun? at km7. Unfortunately, although it's labeled as such in Spanish, because it's better shaded by trees than the actual footpath (and futher away from the road and thus safer from getting clobbered by a bus mounting the footpath) it usually has pedestrians on it and they usually want to walk 4 abreast.
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    Once political interest are left beyond and local people requirments come to the table; then we will be improving Cancun
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    Aug 11, 2006
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    Very good ideas and as usual the wise people here have replied with intelligence.
    Just to let peopple know that there was (I am not sure if they are still around) a group of divers and companies that anually clean the mangroves. I did it about a year and a half ago.
    Connecting the lagoon to the ocean more than it is now would change the eco system of both the lagoon and the ocean and cause more damage to the delicate system than man has already. :cool:
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    Thanks for the intelligent responses. Steve, if you have time can you remove the 6 "chitchat" posts? If someone goes to the last post chances are they are not going to scroll up and back enough to see my questions. Off-topic chitchat is just not real helpful on a thread like this - especially if the link is being emailed to some important people of influence.

    Scott in NH,
    Can you elaborate on the contradictory ideas? As far as who decides which ideas are good ultimately it will be the leaders of Cancun who will decide if any of the ideas are worthy and practical to implement. As far as inclusion in some type of published manifesto document I think you are going to have to trust me to some degree.

    I'm looking for feedback on this forum, which by the way is one of the very best travel forums on the internet. Some of the ideas just seem like naturals for Cancun. For instance, a bicycle path that spans the entire length of the island. Other ideas, such as opening up another canal or two connecting the lagoon to the Caribbean, are radical. This idea could save a lagoon that is disgusting and not anything close to natural in its present state, or it could lead to an environmental disaster worse than what is there now. I'm merely presenting the ideas and hoping the experts will see them and perhaps debate their merits.

    Really quite a few of my ideas require a paradigmn shift and a level of private sector/government cooperation which Cancun has never seen. Cancun officials are not going to build tall graceful lighthouses at the north and south points just so tourists can take some good pictures, but if a bar owner or tour operator can make it financially feasible then we are back into the realm of possibility.
  6. Marooned

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    What is the latest on improvements in Cancun?
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